I am Backkkk!!


I am a grandfather and her name is Taliah Elizabeth Potter. She was born of my step son Malcolm and his fiance Alecia as an 8 1/2 lb. bundle of joy. I am waiting for the joy but I had a daughter ( still do) but the baby part I recall as if it was yesterday and for a granddad I am waiting for the pig tails and the wonder all children have at 3 and up. I will dress her in matching kilts and we will have adventures fishing and camping. I wasn’t in town however but thanks to my wonderful wife I was kept informed with tons of pics and emails.


ImageImageImage This is the beginning of her nursery – it is finished now and I will post pics later. And so the circle of life goes round and round and round and round. My daughter is 27 and I remember the days when she was growing up and how fun she was so energetic and beautiful and a mystery. As Malcolm will come to know. My wife is Gob Smacked and is so happy with this baby addition.

NOW on to the business side of life. LIFE IS WHATEVER YOU MAKE IT! I have become quite awed by the fact that if I am happy, life is great – if I am sad life sucks. If I get up and say today is going to be a great, happy day, then I can make it so.

We all have this ability. So now at my age and with all the experience I have had in so many areas of life I am glad to know this, but more importantly I wish I had the confidence of this understanding when I was 20. I spent many years reacting and now I act, even when I react. It is much more empowering.

I started my Real Estate career at 62, and in five and a half months I sold one house and was so very close to three other sales. Along the way I have learned a lot, met a lot of people and have had fun!

FUN is the key to staying happy, not so obvious as it sounds. Fun is an interpretation of life events – glass half full – and it is very hard to accomplish, especially when as a young man and I was adding more responsibilities on top of responsibilities. Pressured to succeed and trying to wear too many hats. Now I approach challenges in a patient way.

I am working more than I can remember – mostly on developing a real estate business, while still working on paid commissioned paintings. I just got an assignment to create a video for property in San Clemente, California and I had my polo painting ( the acrylic study) approved for the next stage as an oil painting.

Image I finished an oil of a national champion French Bulldog who took Best of Breed at the most recent Westminster Dog Show in NYC.

ImageThe polo horse, “Chocolate” in my polo painting was named Best Playing Pony in the World of the year 2013 and is a beautiful animal in full stride on a playing field in Argentina being ridden by the second best polo player on the International circuit Adolpho Cambiaso.Image I am also painting doors and cabinets in the kitchen of our home with the images from an Italian painter Malinia an old friend of Claudia’s parents.


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