Production and career.

I wanted to take a look retrospectively at the last year’s output of paintings to get an idea as to where I am going stylistically and content wise with at least the non – commissioned work which is about 75 percent of my output. This is still only about 75% of the work I have done in 2012. A few have snuck in from times before but this isn’t a science project. as usual comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. I am starting on a number of new paintings many for holiday presents but a few for my collection. I am working to be included in next years Masters of Western Art at the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles with a classic large multi people in conflict painting reminiscent of the old war paintings. I had a discussion with my father this morning, who is himself a creative man, former Principal Tenor at the Met, New York City Opera and now a voice teacher at Mannes and premier school for classical music studies, part of the New School. He has just finished his second book for Scarecrow press about the Bel Canto singers of the 19th century and specifically Rubini. We compare notes on what the impact on us psychologically, emotionally and mentally when we strive to create something in our field specifically. I just got back to my easel and have found a new energy having spent the last three months learning the skills for sculpting, a long interest of mine and one I feel out of my depth about. Good to have a mutual thinker a phone call away.


I was wondering how I would get the high action of men in conflict without the arduous task of hiring models. Then I thought sports and specifically soccer and Rugby. This feels right.


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