What is art?


What is art? In painting this 20″x36″ oil I had come from more conventional compositions and renderings. I liked what I was doing but I wasn’t receiving the wow that I wanted. I was asked to do a series of polo paintings for The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club so initially I thought almost photographically. But in researching a lot of polo art on the Internet and a few times from art libraries in NYC I was unhappy with this initial approach because it lacked what a lot of the other work lacked, passion, energy and a personal stamp. I kept working all the while pushing myself, agonizing over which way to go. So as I often so I decided to try something new in the medium I was working in, oil and did a number of “Scratchboard” renderings. I then thought I would take what I had and show my client in Hollywood. He had some good things to say but I wasn’t getting that oh my God, these are great response EXCEPT from the Scratchboards. Thes were 8×10 yet his comment was he loved the energy they represented. I came back to the studio thinking that was what was missing energy! After all this is an energetic sport and most of the other traditional artwork I saw had this same deficiency.

SO I took a canvas painted Ochra raw umber gesso background and started to sketch in the figures (based on the other idea I had to use the energetic horses from another famous artist, Remington). As I worked my wife (when she likes a particular piece of work) tells me when to stop. And This time I felt it too. SO I did and now I have a style I believe expresses what I want to achieve. Is it a work of Art??


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