What is Art?

My comments…
1. Introductory Remarks By Dr. Padozy, Fine Art Sculptor.

I personally enjoy an intellectual discussion. I have them a lot on all different subjects. I have not studied the thoughts of others as Mr. Padozy obviously has so I am no one to critique his work. What I may be able to add is my own life’s struggle with this question and the many discussions I have had with notable artists and the extensive reading I have done.
I have spent years listening and thinking and making art and dealing with what qualifies as art and I have come to the conclusion that defining art or the attempt at defining what is art is likened to a recipe with all the ingredients listed and the proportions described. The final result is as the saying goes in the eating =(viewing).
Art can’t be, described, defined, or quantified, skill, application of materials and intent can add attribution but the final judgement is in the eyes of the beholder! There will never be a definitive formula regardless of the thinking of scholars. The other end of any cultural expression is the elite factor that sets price and definition. I think the ultimate thing that can be said about art is how it touches an individual and in that it is art or not. Matisse may do nothing for a villager in Rwanda. And an African mask has pull on a white banker in Rhode Island.

Defining art is as difficult and ultimately as useless as trying to hold water in your hand. To quote a judge in regards to pornography “I know it when I see it!” Still this is unsatisfactory because we want a number of things resolved in our lives and one of them is some form of justification to OUR OWN likes. Defining what we as individuals think art is legitimizes our individuality and our sense of ourselves as valuable in society. So What Is Art remains to be discussed and analyzed and judged for the rest of time itself, because there is NO answer. Cogito ergo sum to play with Descartes.

We might think about changing the term “ART” and start from there rather than try to define “ART” based on older models???


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