Photography, ugh!

There is a peculiar heroism abroad in the world since the invention of cameras: the heroism of vision. Photography opened up a new model of freelance activity—allowing each person to display a certain unique, avid sensibility.
Susan Sontag On Photography

Even with so many images available there is an unrelenting sameness to the way photographs show us the world. The lens/program treats everything in the same way. It works with predictable and unbending codes. It makes no distinctions, offers only certain choices. Absolutely EVERYTHING it appropriates becomes Art – flattened, abstracted, quantified and composed. It doesn’t matter what one photographs, there is an egalitarian sameness to every photographic image. It makes us all connoisseurs of choice. We admire someone’s selections, collections and displays – tumblr pages, flickr sites, and photo networks. Today most of us carry a lens at all times. We use it to extend our memories and document our existences for the program. However these captured moments LOOK and FEEL the same. We use the lens to present the human figure in exactly the same way that we do food products or automobiles. Look at these videos – watch HOW the camera works, HOW it levels all vision to the SAME vision:

A point of view and in this is a kernel of the meaning of life. I suspect most of us anywhere in the world, rich or poor would live a life of utter mundane and predictability if not for imagination and fantasy. And yet there is so much out there in the form of imagination that nothing is original. Just look at most high school art students and their work. Mimicry, copy, and predictable as is fashion. So I disagree with Susan that the camera like the DADA movement actually numbed the sensibilities of artists and those that were awed by art.


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