Excerpted from James McNeil Whistler’s Ten O’Clock Lectures

“…A teeming, seething, busy mass, whose virtue was industry, and whose industry was vice!
Their names go to fill the catalogue of the collection at home, of the gallery abroad, for the delectation of the bagman and the critic…”

“…Therefore have we cause to be merry !–and to cast away all care–resolved that all is well–as it ever was–and that it is not meet that we should be cried at, and urged to take measures !
Enough have we endured of dulness ! Surely are we weary of weeping, and our tears have been cozened from us falsely, for they have called out woe ! when there was no grief–and, alas ! where all is fair !
We have then but to wait–until, with the mark of the Gods upon him–there come among us again the chosen–who shall continue what has gone before. Satisfied that, even were he never to appear, the story of the beautiful is already complete–hewn in the marbles of the Parthenon–and broidered, wlth the birds, upon the fan of Hokusai–at the foot of Fusiyama…”


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